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Photovoltaic solar power plant

Centre for Energy Policy and Economics

The Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE) was established in 1999 to enlarge the natural science and technically oriented disciplinary spectrum of the ETH domain by contributing to research and teaching in energy policy and economics.

About our Research

For an overview of recent research, consult the pages of our reseach groups.

Lunch Seminar

Joint CER-ETH & CEPE Lunch Seminar in Energy, Environmental & Resource Economics on Friday


CEPE publications overview  

Working Papers

CEPE working paper series (1999 - 2012).
From Januray 2013 this series continues as CER-ETH working papers.


Courses offered through CEPE are primarily intended to introduce ETH 
students to energy economics: courses overview

Information about our Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral program can be found on our education overwiev

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