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Chair of Energy and Public Economics

The Chair improves the understanding of issues in energy economics and makes critical contributions in the design and evaluation of energy policy instruments by providing analysis based on the rigorous application of econometric methods.

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Chair of Economics / Resource Economics

The Chairs research covers a broad range of aspects regarding the relationship between exhaustible and renewable natural resources and pollution on the one hand and long-term economic development on the other.

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Group for Sustainability and Technology

The chair investigates organizational, technological and institutional change in the energy sector on two complementary levels: The system level and the firm level.

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Chair of Economics / Energy Economics

The Chair conducts applied economic research of energy and environmental issues. Focal themes are climate change and economic aspects of the energy transition.

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The Professorship of Environmental Policy and Economics

The Professorship integrates economics, political science, and law in the analysis of environmental policy, governance, and decisions. Research issues include the policy and economics of ecosystem services, and the role of networks, information, and preferences in policy making and for commons management.

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