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Bareit, Markus Price Premium for Energy Efficeint Cars: A Hedonic Price Approach Poster (PDF, 433 KB)
Boogen, Nina Residential Electricity Demand for Spain: New Empirical Evidence using Aggregated Data Poster (PDF, 549 KB)
Caron, Justin Estimating Carbon Leakage and the Efficiency of Border Adjustments in General Equilibrium - Does Sectoral Aggregation Matter?  Poster (PDF, 6.9 MB)
Datta, Souvik Utility Rebates for ENERGY STAR Appliances: Are They Effective?  Poster (PDF, 3.1 MB)
Di Giorgio, Laura  The Impact of the Institutional Form on the Cost Efficiency of Nursing Homes  Poster (PDF, 279 KB)
Geissmann, Thomas An Alternative Resource Tax System for the Swiss Hydro Power Sector Poster (PDF, 422 KB)
Heimsch, Fabian Fuel Demand in Swiss Border Regions - A Spatial Econometrics Approach Poster (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Jaunky, Vishal Chandr Testing the Material Kuznets Curve Hypothesis for Copper: Evidence from Rich Countries Poster (PDF, 282 KB)
Koller, Martin Competitive Tendering versus Performance-Based Negotiation in Public Transport: Empirical Evidence for Switzerland  Poster (PDF, 424 KB)
Ramseier, Céline Energy Efficiency Investments in the Home: Swiss Homeowners and Expectations about Future Energy Prices Poster (PDF, 985 KB)
van Nieuwkoop, Renger A Traffic Equilibrium Model with Paid and Unpaid Parking  Poster (PDF, 3 MB)
Zoric, Jelena Applying Stochastic Frontier Analysis to Model Residential Energy Demand and Energy Efficiency of the EU Member States  Poster (PDF, 637 KB)
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