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The 86 students who completed the Energy Policy class at the ETH Zürich were asked to assess term papers submitted by their peers. Each provided a list of what they judged to be the top five papers. A point system was applied in which first place rankings received 10 points, second place 7 points, third place 5 points, fourth place 3 points and fifth place 1 point. On the basis of this ranking, the top 12 term papers were:

  1. A Green Certificate Market in Norway and its implications for the market participants (PDF, 785 KB) by Hanne S. Goldstein (118 points)
  2. Economic Assessment of the Potential of Carbon Capture and Storage in German Coal-Fired Power Plants (PDF, 131 KB) by Henri Schmit (98 points)
  3. The rare earths revolution: The dirty secret of green technologies Energy Economics and Policy (PDF, 472 KB) by Philippe Akira Shiraishi (95 points)
  4. Carbon capture and storage (CCS points) in 2100: Price estimation under technological learning (PDF, 624 KB) by Tomas Micek (90 points)
  5. Induced Competition to Avoid Rejection -- What Switzerland Can Learn from the Swedish Model for Dealing with Risk in the Case of High-Level Nuclear Waste Repositories (PDF, 363 KB) by Jacob N. Mandel (79 points)
  6. Coal and China's Energy Security (PDF, 564 KB) by Chen Zheng (79 points)
  7. Cost Efficiency of Thermal Insulation for Residential Buildings (PDF, 387 KB) by Yves Nicolas Stettler (70 points)
  8. Passive Houses - The energy savior? (PDF, 1.6 MB) by Pål Chr. Breyholtz (61 points)
  9. Recent Changes in the Structure of Greek Wind Power Support Policies Is enough being done to avert the wrath of Aeolus' sack of winds? (PDF, 770 KB) by Aryestis Vlahakis (59 points)
  10. Liberalisation of the Electricity Markets - What happens to the prices? (PDF, 299 KB) by Nina Boogen (55 points)
  11. Renewable Energy in Pakistan: Policy Strengths, Challenges & the Path Forward (PDF, 786 KB) by Mashael Yazdanie (55 points)
  12. Electricity generated from wind power in Switzerland - a potential source for the SBB? (PDF, 7 MB) by Simon Suhrbeer (51 points)

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