CEPE Lunch Seminar, Fall Term 2014

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The Lunch Seminar took place on Fridays, 12:15 to 13:15.
Room ZUE G 1
Zürichbergstrasse 18
Organised by CER-ETH and CEPE


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Speaker Title
19 September Koichiro Ito
Boston University
The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards  
26 September   Arthur van Benthem
Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Vehicle Scrappage and Gasoline Policy  
10 October Bruno Lanz
Geneva Graduate Institute
Global Population Growth, Technology, and Malthusian Constraints: A Quantitative Growth Theoretic Perspective  

17 October

CLA Building
Tannenstr. 3
ETH Zürich

Florentina Paraschiv
University of St.Gallen
Indifference pricing of non-standard power contracts
*N.B.: To be held as part of the 6thworkshop of the SAEE Student Chapter
24 October Carlo Cambini
Politecnico di Torino
vidend Policy in Regulated Network Industries:
Evidence from the EU
31 October Julien Daubanes
ETH Zürich
Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax
21 November
Sebastian Vollmer
University of Göttingen
Monks, Gents and Industrialists: The Long-Run Impact of the Dissolution of the English Monasteries
28 November Lint Barrage
University of Maryland
Climate Change Adaptation vs. Mitigation: A Fiscal Perspective  
5 December Karl Steininger
University of Graz
Climate Change Impacts at The National Level: Known Trends, Unknown Tails, and Unknowables  
12 December   Thomas Lontzek
University of Zürich
The Impact of Economic and Climate Risks on the Social Cost of Carbon  
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